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Prototypes are great to help describe basic functionality and interactions to both stakeholders and developers. I’ve built lo-fi prototypes using Balsamiq to just show basic click-through interactions as well as high-fi prototypes in Axure with the ability to be used in more detailed scenarios of user testing. These are some examples of prototypes, sensitive information removed or obscured.

Videa Prototype

A small sample of prototypes done at Videa. Prototypes were created in Axure with complex interactivity done for user testing.

videa prototype

Mother Nature Network (MNN.com) Phase 1

Mother Nature Network went under a several phase redesign.  Phase 1 was streamlining and consistency with very little rebranding or redesigning.  The site had a number of fonts and colors that were used inconsistently, as well as a lot of alignment and grid issues.  The site was also not responsive.  A style guide was created in conjunction with the mocks and designs so it was easy to communicate what the standards were.

MNN Homepage
MNN Article
MNN Gallery
MNN Profile