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Information Architecture

I’m a big fan of organization and the planning and organizing of data that IA requires brings me a special kind of joy. At my current job I tend to jump at the chance to create documentation and streamline processes and information. These are some examples of IA documents I have created including site maps and user flows. Information is obscured or replaced due to sensitivity.

Videa Sitemap

A portion of the sitemap of the Videa application. (2016)


Videa Userflow

A user flow created for the on boarding process for Videa.  Initially on boarding was planned without UX involved and a lot of components and parts of the process were not accounted for as well as it being highly manual and not scalable.  I spoke to all parties involved and created the below user flow to streamline and automate the process.  Wireframes were done afterwards. (2016)

Brooklyn Bark – Userflow

The user flow for the customer facing side of the application. (2015)

Brooklyn Bark Userflow